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It's perfectly natural to be nervous. It's your vision, after all. So why not take a virtual look at the entire process? Click the tabs below for a closer look.

You've set your sights on us. Now what?

Once you've found a doctor, you will receive a pre-operative eye exam to ensure you are a good fit for iLASIK® Surgery. It's the ideal opportunity to get prepared for your procedure, should you opt to move forward. 

Your consult, at a glance:

  • Information about Wavefront-guided technology
  • A discussion of your complete medical history
  • Disclosure of all medications or supplements
  • A thorough eye exam to identify any current conditions and prescriptions
  • A look at your overall eye health
  • A discussion of the risks and benefits of the procedure


Clear vision. Quicker than you thought possible.

Today is the day! Chances are, you're feeling anxious and excited at the prospect of living your life with improved vision. You can focus on that, and leave the rest to the pros.

A surgical snapshot, below:

  • Things to remember
  • Duration of procedure
  • What you'll experience
  • The beginnings of recovery


The proof is in the post-op.

Congratulations! Welcome to the beginning of a life with clearer, sharper vision. Now that you've had your vision improved through iLASIK® Surgery, you'll want to know how to maintain your eye health and safeguard your vision.

Your post-op overview covers:

  • Common experiences
  • Recovery
  • Looking forward


Blurry to Clear

Select a number based on your current visual acuity and compare the potential post procedure results.

For illustrative purposes only

Zero in on Costs

Do you know how much you're spending every few years on glasses and contacts?

Find a Doctor near you

With hundreds of clinics across America, let us help you find the iLASIK® clinic nearest to you.